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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Day of mourning: God's judgement ensues

It is a day of mourning. 4 November 2008, the day that Barack Obama was elected president of the United States of America.

Here in South Africa, it was at about 06:30 (5 November), that I heard the news. It was truly bad news. At the time of this post, Obama had 51% and McCain 48% of the popular vote. However, the way that the American federal system works, Obama now has 338 and McCain 156 electoral votes. A total of 270 electoral votes are needed for a win. With about a similar margin of the popular vote in 2004, Bush had 286 against Kerry's 251 electoral votes. It all depends which states have been won.

Anyway, Obama's win will indeed bring about change in America. CNN's headline on their main page right now says, "Change has come to America." Obama may hold to that historic designation as the first black president of America, but it is my belief that this historic event will be overshadowed by the fact that he will prove to be the president of America to bring that once great nation's morality to its knees.

Obama's record in the Illinois state senate and also in the U.S. senate will prove to that nation that he was absolutely the wrong choice. His rhetoric of change will prove true. Yet, it will not be change for a better America. Sure, it may become a better America for baby killers (abortionists), for sodomists (homosexuals), for the communists/socialists, for terrorists, but it will not be a better America for those who want to live good or Godly lives.

It still boggles my mind, how such a once proud and good nation, could be duped by a man, who in my mind will bring God's judgement to a nation that once held to living good lives. The tide has swung, and unrighteousness will become the law of the land.

America is a nation where so many claim to be Christian, even evangelical. The question that arises in my mind is, "How can a nation with so many Christians let the country fall into the hands of evil." All I can say is that the clergy, the church, are to be blamed for this travesty! How so many so-called Christians could look past Obama's past (his advocacy of horrors like partial-birth abortion, homosexual marriage, connections to terrorist groups, his communist/socialist leaning ideas), and then vote for him is beyond the scope of insanity. It is like voting for the devil because he will make it nicer for people to live on the earth. When you turn your back on God's laws in a vote such as this, you turn your back on God. You cannot divorce God from His statutes. It is both or nothing!

There are Christians out there who voted for Obama for seemingly good reasons, Such as Rob J. I suppose that it is obvious to them, that having people live better lives in the here and now are more important than those who are prevented from having any life at all through abortion. Since when can murder be downgraded to be only as important as some welfare system where the state will become Santa, handing out continual gifts? Where do these gift come from? From those that will be taxed because they are rich! Taxing the rich to fund the poor may seem noble, but it essentially is stealing from the rich to give to the poor, ala Robin Hood. Taxing the rich to fund the poor can also be humorous.

But, I suppose it would have been better for the allied forces in WWII to have pooled their money and given it to the poor. Surely, the death of 6,000,000 Jews and others were not that important! The same scenario is playing out right in front of our eyes right now! The only difference is that it is more than 40,000,000 babies that have been killed!

I read in a blog sometime yesterday (and I wish I noted where I read it), about people asking whether God would judge America for its evils, such as the abortion holocaust, pornography, homosexual vices and many more. The answer this blogger gave was that those very evils in America "are the judgement of God."

Obama as president, is God's judgement!

However, one thing I know, and that is that God is still in control. No matter who the president is and who has the most seats in government, there is only one Sovereign, and that is Jesus Christ. He will continue to rule this world, no matter who is president of what!


Anonymous said...

William, I couldn't agree with you more. Today is truly a sad day. We didn't stay up to watch the results, but I was awake at about 3:40 EST and decided to come down to take a look. I felt sick when I realized the way it had gone. There is no other way to put it than to say that many, many children of God have been deceived. We know that end times are near...

Anonymous said...

I also agree with you my friend! Today is the start of a bad time for our country. One thing that saddens me is that so many so-called conservatives fell for Obama's rhetoric and voted for him without knowing or caring for what he really stands for.
I have many jewish friends who told me that they are voting for him because he is a democrat, yet he is no friend to Israel. All that they voted for was "change", even if it is change for the worse.
God help us.

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