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Sunday, November 23, 2008

How Obama got elected

Ever wonder how some people get elected? It is amazing how little some people know about the people they vote for, but purely due to misinformation on the opponents, they continue to vote for their "man."

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Anonymous said...

John Zeigler, the sponsor of this "study," is a right-wing hack and the questions were rigged. Obama did not "launch" his career in Ayler's home, for example, nor did he ever say he was going to bankrupt the coal industry. This was a rank partisan push-poll and its "results" simply prove that Obama will be the victim of the same incessant, false, rabid rightwing attacks after the election as he was beforehand.

Anonymous said...

Rockt88 appears to be even more ignorant than the voters who elected Obama.

1) The questions are not rigged. They are simple (it is the respondents who seem "rigged").
2) Ayers did hold the opening fund raiser for Obama at his house. This fact has been well documented.
3) I heard a direct quote from Obama where he did say that he was basically going to drive the coal industry out of business (by raising costs of "clean energy taxes")
4) Obama is not a victim. He is the benefactor of a huge propoganda effort orchestrated by the media.

No wonder we elected someone with so little experience. Ignorants like Rockt88 should not be allowed to vote.

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