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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

History should not be forgotten

My daughter is finishing grade 7 (7th grade for our American neighbours) in 2 weeks time. Yup! Here in South Africa our academic year runs from January to December.

She mentioned that she hated history. On the other hand, I love history. I told her that if more people paid attention to history we would see less mistakes of the same type being made over and over.

Star Parker has some interesting ideas about the bailout being sought by the Detroit auto makers and how it relates to history:

"We just had a presidential election that in some circles produced a lot of euphoria. But I believe that at some point -- I hope sooner rather than later -- many Americans are going to wake up and realize that this election was not a cure for our problems but a symptom of the disease.

"I think this is what our crashing financial markets are telling us.

"There is a well-known quote from a less well-known philosopher -- George Santayana -- that those who don't remember history will repeat it.

"The failure of communism and socialism is not that far behind us. Yet Americans cannot seem to recall that it happened -- and why it happened."


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