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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A once economic giant atrophies to a quivering midget

Now that the midget has committed suicide, perhaps Pat Buchanan's article is an apt warning:

"Great nations do not have trade partners. They have trade competitors and rivals. Trade surpluses are superior to trade deficits. Tariffs on foreign goods are preferable to taxes on U.S. producers. Manufacturing, not finance, is the muscle of the nation.

"Economic independence is vital to political independence...

"As America plunges into recession and our industry hollows out, while China is still growing at 9 percent, as the 20th century's greatest creditor nation now borrows from Beijing to pay for booster shots for its sick economy, may we hear once again the Bush-Clinton refrain about how the terrible danger we all face is from 'protectionism.'"


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