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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

South Africa: Christian Unity & the Ballot Box

I received the following email from the Family Policy Institute here in South Africa.

Christian Unity & the Ballot Box

Attacks on Churches from those who preach tolerance have increased dramatically over the past few months. Intolerance and outright contempt for the beliefs and principles of Bible believing Christians have skyrocketed.

A Church in Pretoria was sued recently for dismissing a practicing homosexual and was forced to apologize for 'violating his human rights'.

The rights of the Church to maintain its Biblical integrity were completely ignored. A Stellenbosch Church was attacked by six naked students who stormed into their meeting disrupting the evening service and desecrating the sanctuary.

In the US voters overwhelmingly supported 'proposition 8', the state constitutional amendments in Arizona, Florida and California that protects marriage as the union between a man and a woman.

Following the defeat same-sex 'marriage' proponents poured onto the streets of California attacking several Churches and hurling racial abuse at African Americans who voted overwhelmingly to support the measure.

An elderly bespectacled lady holding a wooden cross was attacked by homosexual activists spewing hate and scorn in full view of TV cameras. They ripped the cross from her hands and stomped on it all the while screaming obscenities at her.

The liberal media's biased reporting of the outpouring of violence and intimidation from 'gay' activists portrayed Christians as hate-mongers and bigots bent on denying 'gays their civil rights.

Despite the trashing of Churches by homosexual activists 'proposition 8' succeeded because the Body of Christ reached across the denominational divide to protect the sanctity of marriage.

Post-apartheid South Africa desperately needs a united Church that's prepared to reach across the denominational divide to defend and protect Faith, Family and Freedom.

Same-sex 'marriage' proponents were defeated at the ballot box in the US because the majority of Americans still value the sanctity of marriage and the family. The same is true for most South Africans who hold to the traditional view of marriage and the family.

That means that we can restore the sanctity of marriage and the family - the way God intended - by Voting our Values on Election Day. If Christians voted exclusively for pro-life and pro-family political parties we would defeat the pro-death and anti-family movements in one election.

Is this possible? With God all things are possible! - With God!

The key to the ballot box defeat of same-sex 'marriage' in three US states was prayer & Christian Unity, (Where God commands the blessing, Psalm 133). The key to righteous government in South Africa can be won at the ballot box but it also demands prayer & Christian Unity!

The question is: will the Church in South Africa transcend the man-made denominational divide and link arms to defeat corrupt and self-serving politicians at the ballot box? That is a question only we can answer.

The life of the unborn and the health of the family depend on your prayers & vote.

P.S. Please forward this to a friend
Family Policy Institute
49 Parliament St Cape Town 8001
T: +27 (0) 21 462 7888
F: +27 088 (0)21 462 7889
E: info@familypolicyinstitute.org

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