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Friday, August 27, 2010

South African black taxi driver kills 9 school children

9 school children died when this taxi was hit by train
A mom's last words to her child was, "I love you. And be nice to the taxi driver," before a black taxi driver killed 9 school children when he drove his taxi in front of an oncoming train.

According to the News24 article,
"the taxi driver raced, on the wrong side of the road, past a string of cars which had already stopped at the train crossing between the Blackheath and Melton Rose stations.

"The booms at the train crossing in Buttskop Street, Blackheath, had already been lowered to prevent motorists from driving accross[sic] the train tracks."

Unfortunately I do not have strong enough words to write about the issue of black taxi drivers in this country. Incidents like what this (sorry for the word, but it is necessary) moron did happens all over South Africa on a daily basis, because these blithering idiots think they are a law unto themselves. They endanger other users on the road constantly, and I cannot remember when last I haven't seen one of these taxi drivers commit a driving offence. They are forever skipping rows of cars waiting at traffic lights, driving in the yellow shoulder, just to get ahead of cars at places like traffic lights (see image below).

The green lines represent legal straight forward lanes.
The red curving lines represent lanes where only left-turn lanes exist.
The red straight lines represent where these taxis go on left-only lanes.

It is time the government takes this issue seriously as too many people die on our roads due to the appalling behaviour and driving skills of these taxi drivers. I believe that each taxi driver should have his taxi license for no longer than a period of 2 years and then in order for him to renew that license, he must redo his full driver's license. This driver's license done by taxi drivers must also be much more stringent than the ordinary driver's license due to the fact that taxis carry more than the normal amount of people as a means of public transport, and also in order to ensure that taxi drivers are of a high standard.

However, we know the ANC government will probably never do that, because the taxi drivers will invariably go on strike.

Life on South African roads are doomed to remain a killing field!

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